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I met Ray through a friend from the USA. Apparently, Ray was talking with her and he had a message for me. I had never met Ray, nor had I heard of Ray. My friend knew I was an extremely private person. She emailed me asking for my permission to give Ray my information. I was to say, at the very least intriqued. How could someone from the UK possibly have a message for me in Canada? My friend had never spoken to Ray about me ~ as the old cliche goes "He did not know me from Adam." Emails were sent and received. The information Ray provided was astounding.

Ray has the ability to connect to the Spirits no matter where a person lives. Ray has an insight and an accuracy that is undeniable.

Ray has done many readings for people from different continents and countries. With the help of his Spirit Guides, and utilizing his gifts Ray has maintained his high standard of compassion, empathy and accuracy.

Ray Bokor is a natural Spiritualist Medium. Be Blessed.


Soda Redcar

 I would like to Thank yourself and Diane for contributing your time and skills for Free to help us raise much needed money for Survivors of Domestic Abuse in the Redcar and Cleveland area.
We at S.O.D.A appreciate your continued support and awareness raising of Domestic Abuse issues. It was a fantastic turn out and the whole evening was a sucsess,
A great night was had by all,
Kind Regards
Lindy O´Hare

I met Ray quite a while back, he´s given me FREE messages and readings that were so accurate from loved ones passed over that it was mind blowing. He had NO WAY OF KNOWING ANY OF THESE THINGS about me or them. I´m in the U.S.A. and he´s in the U.K. He has been more than generous with his gift, talent and time. A testimonial just doesn´t seem to be enough to return all the love and reassurance he´s given me from the other side. I could go on forever about the things Ray has told me, some even before they happened. IT´S A GOOD THING I DON´T SPOOK Until I met him, I had experiences with other mediums that were, shall I say, less than accurate... they were obvious frauds. Ray is the real deal, and he´ll tell you like it is whether you like it or not! He´s become one of my saviors and my best friends. He´s helped me through the best AND WORST of times. Words can´t express what he´s done for me.

Valerie Carchia(USA)

Many thanks to Ray Bokor for a great session in our chat on Monday March 21st ,,,
No sooner had he joined us than he kicked off with Spirit mesages for our members ,,,,, followed by challenging those present to give him their thoughts and messages,,, many did and I´m proud to say Ray accepted all of them ,,, well done gang.
Ray joined or Circle online many years ago I´m proud to call him a Friend and to now have him join us as a well known Worker. From all in the Spiritualists Online Network (SOC) Good on ya Ray,

Julie (New Zealand via Durham)


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