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Sit down and tell me you´re trouble
So I can put it in a bubble
Let iit drift above you´re head
Full of all the words that you said
Let me see all those troubles that run so deep
Let me see the things that make you weak

Pile them up in front of me now
So I can ponder on them and wipe you´re brow
There´s some lessons to be lern´t and some candles to be burnt
Some bridges need fixing
Some brews need remixing
Holes need filling and some new one´s need drilling .

You´re not insane my friend or even round the bend
Its just your head has been in a drain covered in the mess of you´re life
All those woe´s trouble and striff
Just sit back it wont hurt a bit
Dont worry there´s no needle prick.

so tell me you´re stories in all there unsung glory and
take me to the bottom of you´re pit where you think you sit.
It ain´t that dark down here
But with a few right words in your ear
The light´s will come on and some of the mist will clear .

So come sit down in my comfy chair
Lets do some talking and clear the air
You can take as long as you like i dont care
You´re here for the duration untill your heads done its rotation and youv´e laid yourself bare .

The graves along time coming
so lets get rid of you´re plight
Open up you´re wings its time to take flight and look down on you´re worrie´s in a different light .

The below poem has been used as the opening lyrics for a song by the rock band ´90day jane´ check out on Youtube.

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Shadow of darkness bring forth the night
Let loose nocturnal birds in demon of flight
Waking eyes under its vail to hide the fears of what may prevail.
Creek in the dark out of sight
Spirit is playing out there plight
Eyelevel cannot see there unhappy soul
Unable to finish its earthly goal
Specter figure shadow in the mind
Lost of life and no place roam
None to be afraid of this unsettled guest
Eyes now a where of the visitors quest
Put pain to rest for sake of time
Farlight came soon from the line
Bringing on its own greater quest
Putting the shadows of darkness to rest.




Standing in the doorway she didn´t expect to see the look on there faces
As her friends sat down and took there places.
Each one row after row with there opinion of the outcome of this show.
Bold as brass, head high she steps into the day
Making sure no one can see behind the bravado of her sway.
Going over the proceedings in her head
Making sure the procedures are well read.

Time to make this stand and put her mark on this land.
Making sure all around will sit comfortable in the confidence in which she is bound.
Shout out loud and make them proud
Feel the pulse of the waiting crowd.
Let them question her fears,
Let them tie up the knots,
Let them go round in circles to make sure the copy is blot.

Her lips are dry her throat needs a rest.
She´s laid the cards bare and given it her best.
Now is the time to walk down that path,
Sit back and let the jury do the rest.


Dedicated it to the memory of Lynne Rackshaw a good friend who passed away last year

ripping and riding slipping and sliding
dazed and confused i fell to the earth with a bump.
dusting off the shallow grave
i stood tall and brave and looked over the cities glare
seeing nothing but pity there
all the sad tidings pushed upon each other
every child every brother.
fighting and wishing ,hoping and crying ,
weaving and trying to care.

i turned to my left and saw gods land in total expand.
i opened my heart and said yes this is what he planned.
all the green fields of joy but not the tears of a boy.
just the smile on a face of the ones who take there place
next to the seat in the place that god planned .